Rental policy

PRE- AUTHORIZATION; A credit card authorization is equal to 10% of the vehicles full value (USD/500 to USD/ 3,500) can be secured at time of rental. This authorization amount may be use toward damages of vehicles or late charges. Customer’s accepting (CDW) credit card will only be authorized in the amount of $500.00 USD toward miscellaneous charges.

AIRPORT FEES; Free customer pickup and drop off


  • Leaving your rental / leased vehicle in the airport parking is strictly prohibited…
  • A penalty of $100.00 to $300.00 shall be charge to the renter’s account if rented vehicle/s is left in the airport parking unattended.
  • All rented vehicles should be returned only on Shift Enterprise rental location, or unless re-arrange to specific time and location.
  • For returning your rental vehicle earlier then 0800H, please call the office or pre arrange the return at least 24 hrs. prior to actual return.
  • Vehicle must be return in the same condition and time as rented. Failure to do so will result in late fee of one day after the 2 hour grace period has already passed.

EXCESSIVELY SANDY/DIRTY RETURNS: A fee of $150.00 will be charged to your credit card or deducted from any other deposit.

LOST KEY: Will attract a minimum charge of $150.00

LOCKSMITH FEES: Customer will be charge an added fee of $150.00 for locksmith to unlock door etc. e.g.: with keys left in the ignition.

SMOKEY RETURNS: will attract a fee of $250.00 for the removal of the smoke smell in the vehicle.

UNAUTHORIZED DRIVERS: The rental contract and insurance is hereby void if the rental car is driven by anyone other than the renter or the additional authorized driver. A PENALTY FEE OF $70.00 WILL BE CHARGED FOT ANY/ALL UNAUTHORIZED DRIVERS.

COLLISION & PLI DAMAGE: Dose not include compressive loss or negligence such as driving the rented vehicle across beaches ad lakes/excessive water, or driving under the influence of liquor, drugs or any other substance that could impair the drivers ability to operate the vehicle. Other negligent acts include, but are not limited to, leaving the keys in the ignition with the rental vehicle unattended, falling asleep while driving, ignoring traffic signs or police officers, fire, vandalism, flood, and driving on the wrong side of the road (right side) and keying the vehicle.

AUTHORIZED CREDIT CARD HOLERS: The credit card holder must be the main driver and the additional driver that want to be added to the contract must be on the credit card as well in order for the credit card insurance to apply in case of an accident.

TIRW POLICY: A spare tire and tools are provide inside of the vehicle. Also our glass and tire protection, will apply to all customers to accept the policy. Persons declining this policy will be charge the full cost of the tire, rim, labor and roadside assistances.

FULE CHARGE: Gas must place back into the vehicle upon return or a fee of $10.00 per gallon will be charged to your credit card/ pre-deposit.

ACCIDENT: All accident must be immediately reported to the police and to Shift Enterprises Office via telephone number 000-000-0000 . Returning vehicle/s involved in an accident requires a POLICE PEOPRT, in failure to provide Police Report CDW shall not apply and all actual damages (rented vehicle and 3rd party vehicle including injured passenger/s).


Vehicle Replacement-

  • Replacing a vehicle should be informed at least 24 hrs. prior to exchange and must be with a valid reason such as minor and major mechanical / electrical issues; the management will provide a temporary replacement vehicle that may not be the same car group but road worthy to use till a suitable replacement becomes available.
  • In replacing a vehicle exchange/s due to preference and other non-mechanical issues will depend on the availability.
  • For vehicle exchange/s outside the main office, our office will attend to every request staff availability will have to be considered.


1, Cancellation of rentals should be done 48 hrs. Prior to the booking: failure to do so, the renter will be required to settle %30 of the entire rental cost.

2, Cancellation during/ within the rental period – renter’s who decided to return their vehicle their vehicle earlier than the due date shall have to settle the entire rental cost stated in the Rental Agreement. The company is not liable for the renter’s sudden change of schedule, as we at Shift Enterprise allocates your vehicle request the minute you walked in or from the time you booked it online.

I have read all the conditions carefully and hereby agree and resolve that I have understood above mentioned conditions and shall abide by them.